Some minimize the importance of social media for Talent, while others overstate it. The Weiss Agency EVP Heather Cohen represents On-Air Talent, and she put the medium in its proper context while speaking on the “Launching And Growing A Talent Career In 2019” panel at the “Talkers 2019: Telling The Story” Convention.


When Heather Cohen gets calls from Program Directors looking for Talent, about half are looking to hire those who are strong on social media. So being active is important, but it’s also a powerful tool to connect with listeners, or simply see how they feel about content you’ve shared.

“Your boss really cares about it,” are the words Heather used to conclude her response to the question about social media. And whether you love being on social media or not, bosses are emphasizing it more than ever.

Go to the 14:07 mark in the video below to see Heather Cohen’s response to a question about social media at the Talkers 2019 Convention.

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