Andre Harrell

The sudden death of legendary music executive Andre Harrell at the age of 59 left many of his famous friends understandably shocked and saddened. And many immediately took to social media to express their grief.

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Most famous for being the man who founded Uptown Records and discovered Diddy, Mary J. Blige and Jodeci, Andre Harrell continued to influence countless artists.

Deepest condolences to those mourning the loss of the beloved Andre Harrell, especially his son Gianni. Here are some of the beautiful words posted about the late, great music executive.


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Truly heartbroken. Rest peacefully, Andre Harrell. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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I don’t even know what to say. Andre…you were a mentor, a friend, a giant influence on me. I looked up to you so much and more importantly, you looked out for me. A wide eyed, slightly gawky kid in my 20’s suddenly in Europe playing gigs for Puff. It was fun but I was out of my league, a little intimidated by the scope of things. But you took an interest in me, spent time with me. And you were so cool and smart, I just wanted to absorb everything that was in your brain. And the laugh….that raspy ”heh heh”. The coolest laugh. I’ll never forget the time you took me to buy my first nice suit, one afternoon before a gig in Paris. I had no fucking idea what shopping in Paris was. I actually didn’t know clothes could be that expensive and nearly had a heart attack when they rang up the total, but you looked at me and shrugged like, “hey, you want to look fly, kid? Don’t worry you’ll make that money back in a few weeks…okay, maybe months, whatever.” You knew so much and got a kick out of introducing people to new culture, new ways. Ugh Later in life when I would run into you, you’d let me know how proud of all my successes you were. I could tell you felt some ownership in there, from that steering you had done in the early part of my career. And rightly so that you felt it. You had every right to. I learned so much from just being in your presence, it was such a warm, wonderful place to be. My heart goes out to you and your family right now. Gianni, who I’ve only got to know recently, but shines just like you. What a joy to be around that kid. I wish I saw you a bit more in the past few years but that’s always the way. I’ll be grateful for all the many great memories I have to hold onto though. Love

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My friend @andreharrell 🌻 See you in the morning

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Thank You. Keep that champagne ready… Love You! #RIPAndreHarrell

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