Ashley O

If you think Ashley O from “Black Mirror” looks and sounds a lot like Miley Cyrus, you’re right.


In episode 3 from season 5 of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” entitled “Rachel, Jack And Ashley Too,” Miley Cyrus plays Pop Star Ashley O. Instead of releasing the songs “On A Roll” and “Right Where I Belong” as Miley Cyrus, songs have come out as the character, and they sound pretty legit.

The music isn’t the only thing that’s good about “Rachel, Jack And Ashley Too.” The overall episode is really interesting, and it’s even made entertainment news headlines.

After seeing “Rachel, Jack And Ashley Too,” Halsey believes she’s the inspiration for Ashley O. Producers deny this, but it is interesting to see that “Halsey” and “Ashley” actually have the same letters.

Take a look at two songs from the popular Netflix series below.

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