The B. Scott Show

The B. Scott Show

B. Scott is a popular blogger, but he’s not exclusive to the digital world. As a former personality on Jamie Foxx‘s SiriusXM channel The Foxxhole, B. Scott is not a broadcast rookie.

The B. Scott Show” is back, but this time it’s in podcast form on Podcast One, and it just as fun to listen to as reading his blog is. Here’s a description of the show:

Each week, you’ll get to listen as B. Scott shares daily life adventures and sounds off on hot topics from his #1 celebrity news & entertainment website, You’ll also get a little piece of B. Scott’s long-running ‘Ask B. Scott‘ advice column where he answers the often-tricky questions sent in by his ‘love muffins’ – plus you just never know which of B. Scott’s celebrity friends will stop by to chat it up!

Check out “The B. Scott Show” weekly at,, the PodcastOne app or iTunes, and listen to episode #4 below.

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