Big Tigger

WVEE (V-103)/Atlanta‘s Afternoon Talent Big Tigger will be moving to morning drive next month. Shortly after current morning host Frank Ski tweeted about his exit, Big Tigger let it be known that he would be the next to fill the high-profile shift.

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Here’s what Frank Ski said via Twitter about his second exit from V-103:

After much consideration, talks with my family and most importantly, talks with God, I have decided to leave V103. This wasn’t an easy decision but I’m grateful this is MY decision. My decision to leave is a result of wanting a different experience and my desire to grow. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but if you understand God’s promises, you can’t help but to be excited for what’s ahead.

Thank you to Rick & Reggie, My Morning Culture Team…. My V-103 co-workers…. but most of all, thank you to my V103 listener family. Y’all have supported me for decades.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, national race tensions, a presidential election year and more. We have much work to do. It is my duty to use my voice to take our community to the next level. Stay tuned … BIG ANNOUNCEMENT AHEAD.

August 17th is the official launch date for “The Morning Culture With Big Tigger” on V-103, and no word on who will be heard on the air with Tigger. As for afternoons, “The Big Tigger Show” will be replaced by Kenny Burns.

Big Tigger told his followers about his new shift on Instagram:

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