This month marked a new chapter in the career of Carolina Bermudez. After co-hosting mornings in New York with super Talents Elvis Duran and Cubby, she began waking up listeners in the #1 market with her former co-worker Greg T.

“Carolina With Greg T. In The Morning Show” on WKTU (103.5 KTU) features Carolina as the lead Talent, which is a big deal because there haven’t been many female-led morning shows in New York City. Carolina Bermudez has had any incredible career, and as many celebrate Greg T.’s incredible ascension, The Talent Report spoke to Carolina about her journey.

The Back Story
Carolina Bermudez grew up in Ohio and loved listening to radio, but never dreamed of hosting mornings in New York City. She did study broadcasting at Arizona State University and lived in Los Angeles after she graduated. But it was in Miami that Carolina received her big break.

While freelancing for Billboard, she met the Baka Boyz and accepted an offer to intern for the former WMIB (103.5 The Beat)/Miami morning show duo. She gained experience and was mentored by the brothers, but her time with the Bakas ended abruptly. After it was discovered that she was no longer eligible to intern, Carolina was banned for the building, but maintained a relationship with Nick V, Eric V and their producer Jay Love.

Shortly after her exit, Carolina entered WHYI (Y-100)/Miami’s Wild on Y contest. It was an opportunity to host nights at clubs, and even though she was up against girls from Miami with fan bases supporting them, Carolina landed the life-changing gig. According to Carolina, getting that contract with Y-100 “completely changed the course and the direction of my career, and I’m so eternally grateful for it.”

While Carolina was deeply grateful for the opportunity to work at clubs at a time when money was running low, she talked to then-Operations Manager Rob Roberts about wanting to do more at the station since she had studied broadcasting. Fortunately he was receptive to her interest, and had Carolina deliver entertainment reports on Michael Yo’s afternoon drive show.

Carolina Bermudez had a great run with Michael Yo, and was moved to mornings to work with local legends Kenny & Footy. She brought a female perspective along with entertainment news to the show, and she caught the ear of someone scouting talent for “Elvis Duran And The Morning Show.”

Elvis and Carolina connected when they met even though she wasn’t aware of Elvis Duran and his impressive career. Being on a show with a legend is a blessing because it’s an opportunity to be on a large and established platform. Plus, the opportunity to work amongst and learn from greatness is an opportunity is one that is rarely turned down. “New York was never in the cards for me,” Carolina tells The Talent Report. “I was perfectly happy in Miami.” She added, “New York only calls one time.” So she said “Yes” when she was offered the chance to be a co-host on the nationally syndicated “Elvis Duran And The Morning Show.”

Carolina spent 7 years on Elvis Duran’s show and also made several appearances on television. But she made a full-time move to TV in 2013 to launch WLNY-TV’s new morning show “Live From The Couch.”

Unfortunately, “The Couch” was cancelled after a year on the air. But it wasn’t long before Carolina was back on radio. Her friend Cubby invited her to lunch in 2014, and a couple of months later they were on the air together hosting mornings on WKTU (KTU 103.5)/New York.

Working with someone she was friendly with and respected was a dream gig. But after a 5-year-run, the two separated several months ago when it was announced that Cubby would be transferring to sister station WLTW for the same time slot.

Carolina never had a desire to lead a morning show, but on May 28th she made the transition and was partnered with many looking to join her permanently. Greg T. from “Elvis Duran And The Morning Show” landed the gig, and Carolina describes him as “like a brother to me.” While other candidates were great, none of them connected with Carolina the way Greg T did because of their past relationship.

In 2005 Carolina Bermudez moved to New York City and is still waking the city up after 14 years. Carolina told The Talent Report, “For me to be working in New York morning radio, I never ever lose sight of how fortunate I am. It’s an incredible responsibility,” she added. About how she got here, Carolina recognizes how incredible her time on radio has been and said, “It sounds like such a fairytale, and it kind of really is.”

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