Kehlani is a deserving Grammy nominee with two great projects under her belt, and the thousands of people that attend her shows in each city she visits prove that her fanbase is extremely loyal. But mainstream fame has eluded this 2011 “America’s Got Talent” contestant.

Hometown station KMEL/San Francisco has played Kehlani’s music over 1,000 times, and other California cities have given her some airplay. She recently released a new single “CRZY,” and it seems like this might be the song that gets enough plays to actually chart.


Kehlani’s received attention in the last few months for her relationships with PARTYNEXTDOOR and Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers that reportedly led to a suicide attempt. Let’s hope that “CRZY” will bring her the recognition and airplay she deserves for being a great artist who consistently releases quality music.

Listen to “CRZY” by clicking the player above, and check out past music from Kehlani here.

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