DJ D-Nice

DJ D-Nice became known to Hip-Hop fans over 20 years ago for his affiliation with Boogie Down Productions and his for releasing two albums as a rapper in the 90s. But in the last week, the respected DJ/Photographer has become more famous than ever.

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As people across the country were spending time at home and online while self-isolating to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, D-Nice took to Instagram Live and mixed to entertain his friends. The response was so good that he did it again and again, and gained over a million followers in the process. Celebrities, politicians, and even Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg took part in the virtual party, that was dubbed “Club Quarantine.” D-Nice’s Instagram Live broadcast on Saturday, March 21st had over 100,000 viewers at one time.

Jimmy Fallon talked to DJ D-Nice about his mixes on Instagram Live that went viral on “The Tonight Show.” Go to the 20:58 mark to see their conversation.

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