Elle King is on a heavy promo run for her new album “Shake The Spirit,” and it’s not unusual for these interviews to pretty much sound the same since the artist is talking to so many media outlets in such a relatively short period of time. However, WSFS (104.3 The Shark)/Miami Midday Talent Deena Lang’s interview with Elle was pretty special.

The two sounded like friends when they greeted each other at the beginning of their phone conversation even though they’ve never met. Extreme impressive, because it’s really challenging to make this type of connection without the benefit of meeting in person.

Deena is clearly knowledgeable with Elle and her music “Shake The Spirit,” so that probably helped Elle King warm up to her. But it seems like Elle was very familiar with her interviewer when she said she was nervous to talk to Deena because she’s so cool.

Deena Lang’s interview with Elle King was upbeat throughout their entire conversation, even though they discussed some heavier topics. Overall, they enjoyable interaction made listeners feel like a fly on the wall, and it’s was refreshing to hear the two ladies enjoy each other equally.

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