Fake Famous

While there are people who have gained a social media following by working on traditional platforms like film, TV and radio, there’s a surprising amount of people who have a massive number of followers, just because. The new HBO film “Fake Famous” documents a fascinating social experiment about the pros and cons of being famous, and the obsession way too many people have with fame.

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Three people with a small footprint on Instagram were selected for the experiment. The goal was to make each of them famous on IG by buying followers and engagement, and it’s interesting to see how each subject reacts differently to artificially growing on the platform. But more importantly, the evolution of how they see themselves, and what they value in life is heartening.

Because social media is so important for Talent, it’s important to keep it in proper perspective. “Fake Famous” does a great job highlighting the huge monetization and promotional opportunities available on social media, while pointing out the potentially detrimental effects.

Stream “Fake Famous” on HBO Max, and take a look a the trailer below.

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