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Being on TV is a natural desire for radio talent. In addition to being a fabulous vehicle to promote your radio show, television helps you expand your personal brand by exposing you with non-listeners while becoming more recognizable.

Getting hired to be a host on a show is a good way to enter into television for radio personalities–look how well it worked for Ryan Seacrest on “American Idol,” LaLa Anthony on MTV‘s “TRL” and Carson Daly from radio, to MTV and NBC for his current gig as host of “The Voice.” “Dish Nation” is also a great option since it’s filmed in-studio and is an extension of radio shows. But unless you’re syndicated, in Los Angeles or New York, or nationally known, you’re not likely to be seriously considered for these career changing opportunities.

As local talent, there are a lot of opportunities to make connections with local TV stations. But they tend to hire actual news reporters, which is a stretch for talent with no history as journalists. There is however, an alternative for radio personalities trying to get TV gigs that will accept you as you are: FOX television’s local morning shows.

Q Deezy, now known as Quincy Harris, built a name for himself in Philadelphia on WUSL (Power 99) and WPHI (Hot 107.9). While working at Hot 107.9, Q Deezy would make occasional appearances on Fox 29. But when the station flipped formats, he was able to transition to a permanent member of the “Good Day Philly” team. While he uses his government name on television, the man formerly known as Q Deezy is still as personable and likable on television as he was on radio.

Jackie Green was able to land a job on Fox 17‘s morning show in Western Michigan, and vacated her night show position on WGRD/Grand Rapids. And her segments allow Jackie to be herself while showcasing her talent to people who may not have been familiar with her before.

Fox has also opened its doors to Lisa Evers, WQHT (Hot 97)/New YorkStreet Soldiers” host, who is a reporter for Fox 5 in NYC.

Work as many leads as you have to get into television, but pay extra attention to local Fox affiliates because they seem really receptive to radio talent. Good luck!

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