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SportsRadio 610 has an immediate opening for a full-time on-air talent. If you’re a strong air talent who can do both a highly compelling show and create amazing connections with your audience on and off the air, we want to hear from you. Show us you can do an entertaining show that translates from on air to our social & digital channels and that you can collaborate and deliver on the creation and evolution of an exciting new brand each day. We are looking for experienced air talent who could drive the show with former NFL quarterback Clint Stoerner. Please only apply if you can demonstrate both on air and digital content / social media skills.

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Duties and responsibilities include:

• Creating original content and performing live broadcasts that are entertaining and informative.

• Participating and creating original content for all social media platforms; managing online personality presence.

• Protecting the station’s FCC license.

• Ensuring that promotions and contests are executed properly.

• Other duties as required by management.

Applicants should have minimum of five years’ experience and have the proven ability of driving a show and setting up a number two chair. Must also be available for station promotional appearances. Be prepared to provide examples of work if contacted for an interview.

Must be an excellent communicator with strong creative skills; Knowledge of the format and audience required.


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