Howard Stern

Howard Stern recently announced his intentions to run to become the next President Of The United States if Donald Trump enters the race. We’ll have to wait and see if this actually happens or not, but this morning Howard Stern revealed who accepted his invitation to be his running mate.

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On March 22, 1994, Howard Stern announced his plans to run for Governor of New York as a Libertarian candidate. His platform issues were reinstating the death penalty, letting road crews work only at night, staggering highway tolls to prevent traffic jams, and vowing to resign from office once his stated goals were met. Howard actually defeated five other candidates to win the nomination of Libertarian Party.

While this victory made the Howard Stern for Governor campaign feel legitimate, it all came to an end on August 4, 1994. The issue seemed to be related to Howard Stern’s refusal to release the financial disclosures that are required by law. But as Donald Trump has shown, one does not have to reveal all of their financial information in order to become the President of the United States.

So is Howard Stern really serious about running for POTUS? Only he knows, but we will be listening.

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