Howard Stern

Howard Stern made his book publisher Simon & Schuster a lot of money in 1993 with the publication “Private Parts.” It’s the very first book written by the radio legend, and it became the fastest-selling book for the company. Two years later,  Howard proved the success of his first book was not a fluke, when his follow-up “Miss America” spent 20 weeks on the New York Times bestseller and sold even more quickly.

Both of Howard Stern’s books have sold over a million copies respectively, and after more than 20 years away from the world of publishing, he has a new book on the way. “Howard Stern Comes Again” will be released on May 14th, and will likely break records.

Reading a book takes a lot of time, and here’s why Talent should invest their time to find out what Howard Stern has to say.

Despite the innuendo found in the title of “Howard Stern Comes Again,” the legendary broadcaster has really evolved from the shock jock antics that made him famous. Having a career in entertainment is impressive, but to have the impact he has had for decades is remarkable. To get insight directly from Howard about making the shift from terrestrial to satellite radio remaining relevant for so long, and going from a shock jock to one of the most thoughtful interviewers will be a great read.

Howard Stern is probably his worst critic, so the fact that he is actually proud of his book means a lot. Here’s what he had to say about “Howard Stern Comes Again”:

“F*#k Hemingway! I put my heart and soul into this book and could not be more proud of it.”

The news about Howard Stern having a book on the way surprised many, including his on-air partner Robin Quivers. The fact that it took years means a tremendous amount of effort was put into it, and when has Howard let his fans down? According to Simon & Schuster Publisher Jonathan Karp:

“I’ve been waiting two years for this book to be finished, because Howard Stern told me to be patient. It was well worth the wait. “Howard Stern Comes Again” is certain to be one of the most entertaining and widely read books of the year.”

Pre-order your copy of “Howard Stern Comes Again” right here.

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