Katt Williams visited WVEE (V-103)/Atlanta‘s “Frank And Wanda In The Morning” show on Friday, September 14th with his fellow comic Red Grant, and he made headlines for the criticizing Mo’Nique, Lil Rel, Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart.

Frank Ski and Wanda Smith seemed to enjoy their conversation with Katt, and the exchange came across as fun and amiable for most of the interview. But the energy shifted in the last five minutes as Wanda and Katt joked on each other.

According to Katt Williams, Wanda Smith’s husband Lamorris Sellers pulled out a gun in a threatening manner last Saturday (September 15th). However, TMZ reports that there is no footage to prove this actually happened, even though Lamorris did admit to having a gun on his person.

Frank Ski and Wanda Smith spoke about their Katt Williams interview that went viral, the subsequent encounter between Wanda’s husband and Katt, and they get feedback from callers in the video below. Skip to the 31:48 mark to see the “Frank And Wanda In The Morning” talk about their interview that got really ugly.


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