After listening to 2 mixtapes and 23 tracks by Kehlani, I am officially a fan. Not one wack track, and even the weakest songs on the 20-year-old’s projects are really good. And, not only do I not want to skip any of her songs when listening to Kehlani mixtapes, I keep her music on repeat.

So maybe “fan” isn’t strong enough…I support Kehlani’s movement.

Some were introduced to her on “America’s Got Talent” as a member of Poplyfe, and her home the Bay Area has seen her shift from a struggling artist to a singer with infinite potential.

Atlantic Records apparently sees Kehlani’s promise, because she’s not just signed to the legendary label–her music will be released via her own label Tsunami Mob. Here’s what Kahlani said about signing to Atlantic on Twitter:

“Working with a label won’t change a thing about my hustle nor will it change a thing about my music. This is just the beginning.”

With so many artists with single-driven being prevalent, it’s so good to see someone with phenomenal bodies of work be so critically acclaimed, anticipated AND successful before dropping an official album. (Her latest mixtape “You Should Be Here” reached #1 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chart, and #2 on both the Overall R&B Albums and Current R&B Albums chart.”

Listen to Kehlani’s debut mixtape “Cloud 19” and the equally awesome “You Should Be Here.”

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