Kelly Rowland has had some hits since Destiny’s Child stopped making music together. And she just released another song that is on the level of “Motivation” (2011) and “When Love Takes Over” (2010).

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Coffee” is a sultry solo effort from Kelly Rowland, with a cinematic beauty video to go with it. Watch below and scroll to see the lyrics.

Coffee and sex in the morning
Breakfast in bed, got me moanin’
(Moanin’ oh no no no)
Before you go to work
I need you to go to work

Pardon, my sincerity
You know I’m a rarity
My love be your therapy
All around remedy
Baby, who instead of me?
These bitches will never be
Put it down like it’s heavy, baby
Honeymoon, that wedding day

I need that wake up
Soon as we wake up
Wish we could lay up
Still stack our pay up
You running late but
Need you to stay up
It’s almost eight
No time to waste
No time to waste

You know you got the best of me
I know you need the stress relief, babe
Before we both get dressed to leave
Want you to try this recipe, babe

I know we just woke up
I know you gotta go but
Breakfast isn’t over
I see the way you rose up

Huh, they say mornin’ wood do a body…

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