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Lisa G has had an awesome career that has brought from WQHT (Hot 97)/New York and SiriusXM’s Howard 100 team on Howard Stern’s channels with other cool adventures in between. In February of 2015, Lisa left Sirius XM after 10 years of working for Howard Stern. Because of her extensive resume, Lisa G hoped to land a new gig quickly.

The search for a new job was a lot more challenging than Lisa G anticipated and was an understandably emotional journey. The feelings were compiled for a really insightful article on Here are the 10 most powerful thoughts from Lisa G:

  1. Get out of bed. You’ll feel better.
  2. Nearly five months and more than 80 interviews later, there I was, still jobless—and beginning to lose heart.
  3. I wasn’t someone to be ignored, and yet that’s exactly what was happening.
  4. Despite knowing how to break through the clutter on the radio airwaves, my words and experience were falling on deaf ears.
  5. The human resources officers who were reviewing my resume didn’t care who I was or that I had a history of winning ratings.
  6. Radio was my first love. But it was a shrinking industry with fewer opportunities, especially for women older than 50.
  7. I had an upcoming job interview… I needed to find my inner strength, but felt like a shriveled balloon with no air.
  8. On interview day, I told myself that I had to stay strong—be in it to win it, as they say—when all I really wanted to do was crawl back into bed.
  9. My sense of entitlement wasn’t serving me. I had to have humility while still holding on to my sense of self.
  10. Now, when my 50ish friends are between jobs and feeling scared, I tell them, not to worry about their age, or their looks, don’t feel insulted by disinterest or silence.

Read “I Was a Top Radio Personality, and Author, So Why Wouldn’t Anyone Hire Me?” in its entirety

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