Podcasting has become an extension of the job for many broadcasters. Some are required or encouraged by their employers to create podcasts, others do it on their own, and some Program Directors use the medium as a training ground for talent. Whether you podcast or not, the growth of this audio listening, and the eagerness from advertisers to support podcasts makes it hard to ignore.

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The Podcast Movement Conference had over 100 sessions for podcasters of all levels, and so much great information was shared. Here are some of the biggest takeaways:

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Best Way To Get More Subscribers
If you want to grow subscribers and get more people to download your podcast, get on other podcasts. Promotion on other podcasts is the most efficient way to get yours to grow, because you’re connecting to people who are already fans of the medium. In radio, you would never go on a competing station to promote your show, but it’s quite common for creators from the same genre to interview each other or tell listeners to check out other podcasts.

The Power Of Video
Social media is a great tool to promote a podcast, and the most effective way to bring attention to your show is to use video. Audio matched with sound waves are often used as video, but videos with actual Talent tend to perform best because a human face speaking tends to draw more engagement than a graphic. Many viewers tune out in the first 3 seconds, so start off with compelling content and consider using captions to hold viewers’ attention.

When Can You Monetize Your Podcast?
There’s a widely held belief that a podcast needs 50,000 downloads before advertisers will consider buying ads, but that is not true. Niche podcasters are generating revenue with as few as 5,000 downloads by connecting with advertisers with products and service that directly relate to their listeners.

Taking a popular podcast directly to listeners as a live event is a powerful way to connect to an audience. Not only do listeners get to meet Talent in person, they get a chance to connects with other fans of a show. The biggest challenge with a live podcast broadcast is not giving listeners who are not in attendance feelings of FOMO. Use the energy from your audience without making the listener feel. isolated from everyone elseNot every podcast is good as a live event, but if you do try it, make the live experience different from a regular show or make it better by providing visuals. Also, feel free to extract the highlights for your podcast; the whole event does not have to be included.

Consistency Is Key
There is so much competition in the world of podcasting. So if you want to build a loyal audience, you have to show them loyalty first. Publishing your podcast consistently is the best way to show your commitment to your show.

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