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Losing a job is devastating. And several personalities felt a tremendous loss on Wednesday, July 29th, when layoffs hit Radio One. Among those affected…

Bruce, WFXK (Foxy 107.1-104.3)/Raleigh Night Talent
Carol Blackmon, WAMJ (Majic 107.5-97.5)/Atlanta Midday Talent
CeCe McGhee, WPPZ (Praise 103.9)/Philadelphia Midday Talent
Cousin Keith, WCDX (iPower 92.1)/Richmond Afternoon Talent
Dr. Darrius, WHTD (Hot 107.5) Detroit Afternoon Talent
Emperor Searcy, WHTA (Hot 107.9)/Atlanta Afternoon Talent
Philly Phil, WKJS (99.3-105.7 Kiss)/Richmond Night Talent
Rene Miller, WAMJ (Majic 107.5-97.5)/Atlanta Night Talent

Anytime multiple cuts hit our industry, it’s natural to feel grim about the job prospects in radio. But after looking at the openings at CBS Radio, there’s hope for those looking for full-time gigs in large markets. CBS Radio isn’t the largest radio group, but there are some really awesome opportunities there. Here’s a list of 7 cool jobs I found, but please visit the CBS Radio Careers site to see what else is available.

While the motivation to discover job openings came after learning about the cuts at Radio One, it’s never a bad time to throw your hat in the ring if you have the desire to work in another market. Just because someone hasn’t discovered you doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be a contender for one of these great gigs, so go for it!

Good luck!



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