JoJo Martinez 2015

Losing your job sucks. When you first learn about your departure, your first instinct may be shut off communication. But even though it hurts, it might be best to share the bad news to your followers and fans on social media.

You never know who can help you get your next gig, so rather than avoiding people, talk to them, be transparent, and work on landing a new gig. Plus, hearing from others may actually help you feel better.

JoJo Martinez was unexpectedly let go from WMYX (99.1 The Mix)/Milwaukee after almost 20 years with Entercom. Friends heard directly from her about the big change in her life directly from the source, and immediately sent words of support in the comments section of this Facebook post.

JoJo also remained communicative in the days after her departure, and it seems like good things are to come. She recently shared this celebratory post, and hopefully a great new gig is coming soon!

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