The only time people in the entertainment industry seem to talk about radio personalities is if they are getting hired or fired. The moves of the superstars get covered, but what about the people who have the potential to become the next generation of big names in the game?


When it comes to music, it’s all about the artists on the charts now. While little attention is ever given to upcoming artists until the get a song that becomes big enough to be deemed a hit.

The Talent Report was an idea born from the desire to cover radio talent and the artists who are up next, and delivering our weekly picks to a robust database of Program Directors, Music Directors, Record Label Executives, Personalities and Influencers. But people are busier than ever–would people actually read this?

People did read this thing we call “The Talent Report”–and they shared, retweeted, reposted AND forwarded our e-mails to others. However, we are most proud of seeing several of the talent profiled in our On The Rise section ascend from part-time positions and small markets, into full-time on-air personalities in top 25 markets. Plus, we’ve talked about a lot of songs with zero airplay that have gone on to become hits. So that’s why we’re back.

Version 2.0 of The Talent Report will return your inbox and social media feeds this month. (Subscribe here if you haven’t seen us there before.)

We’re really excited to be back from hiatus! Our site has had a little makeover, but the focus on introducing new on-air and musical talent, and spotlighting the moves of talent on all levels is still the mission. More conversations, spotlights, and surprises are up our sleeve.

The Talent Report was a test, but it’s now a worthwhile adventure with some success stories under our belt. So thank you for giving us some of your time, and for giving your attention to the talent we talk about.

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