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In May 2019, five Recording Artists and two TV Talk Show Personalities who also have Syndicated Radio shows made The Talent Report‘s Top 10 list of Facebook Influencers. 60% of the names included were also on the April edition of our list. The Facebook pages of 129 Syndicated Radio Personalities were monitored for this report for May.

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As for the formats represented on The Talent Report’s Top 10 Syndicated Radio Facebook Influencers for the month of May, there are two from Urban AC shows, two AC personalities, two Gospel voices. Plus, there’s one Conservative Talk show host, an Urban radio Talent, a big Sports personality and a Country star.

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So what does it take to make this list? It’s purely about the metrics: Average Interactions (total Interactions per post divided by Page Likes), total Page Likes and percentage of growth. See who performed best in each category below.

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Average Interactions
1. Georgia Alfredas 6%
2. Blair Garner 5%
3. Deja Vu 4%

Page Likes
1. Steve Harvey 8,962,983
2. Ben Shapiro 5,101,170
3. Paula Deen 4,501,621

Growth %
1. Vic Jagger +30%
2. Rowdy Yates +9%
3. Deja Vu +7%

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Take a look at the who made the May-edition of The Talent Report’s Top 10 Syndicated Radio Facebook Influencers…

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Syndicated Radio Facebook Influencers May 2019

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