Facebook is 16-years-old and has had more users than any other social network for over a decade. TikTok undoubtedly had the biggest buzz in 2020, but were there enough users to make it bigger than Facebook? Not even close.

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TikTok had 680 million monthly active users in November 2018, and less than two years later, grew to 850 million this past September. While that 20% growth rate is impressive, and exponentially better than SnapChat‘s 46 million monthly users, it wasn’t enough to topple Twitter (330 million), Pinterest (442 million), Instagram (1 billion) or Facebook (2.7 billion).

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Even though Facebook is not the platform with the most buzz, it has the most monthly active users than any other social network in the world. Moreover, more people use Facebook than Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter and SnapChat combined. So seeing Talent perform so well on the social media giant is worth celebrating.

Congratulations to everyone who made The Talent Report’s Top 10 Syndicated Radio Facebook Influencers Of 2020! See the list of Talent below, and press play to view some of their best performing content!

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