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Only three positions on the March 2021 edition of The Talent Report‘s Top 10 Syndicated Radio Facebook Influencers are held by personalities who weren’t on the list in the previous month. The new additions: Jubal Fresh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

The Interactions, Followers and Growth rate are outlined in the chart below, and you can see the best content from the Talent listed in this video. Aggregated content was excluded from the reel of posts from Facebook, and videos longer than 15 seconds were shortened to give you the gist of what was discussed. Posts that were deleted were factored into the monthly Interactions, but were not included in our compilation video spotlighting top performing content of the month from the Talent in our Top 10.

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Per usual, there were various types of content that popped for those featured on  the chart below. A family photo, promotional post and super short video were standouts in March.

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Videos from “American Idol” are consistent winners for Ryan Seacrest on Facebook, and his most popular photo from last month was a simple but sweet photo of Ryan enjoying the show on a Sunday with his parents.

Ben Shapiro returned to both our Facebook and Instagram Top 10 lists in March, and the same piece of content was the most engaging on both platforms. The photo promoted Candace Owens‘ new talk show, and Ben’s audience literally really Liked it..

A quick video starring the cast of “The Jubal Show” generated 54,581 reactions and 17,248,818 views for Jubal on Facebook in March. The number of reactions may seem low in comparison to the tremendous amount of views. But since the clip is only 12 seconds, many viewers probably took additional looks at the video to rewatch the visual trick.

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