On The Talent Report‘s latest Top 10 Syndicated Radio Instagram Influencers, the list may seem pretty predictable since six of the 10 names included made the cut from the previous month. But there was some extraordinary activity among this group.

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Da Brat has appeared on previous Social Media rankings computed by The Talent Report, and she made a tremendous return to the February 2022 tally by moving from #19 to #1. Moreover, of all of the Talent on this list, Da Brat had the second highest number of Followers (3,349,985), and the second highest rate of follower Growth (2.64%). What made Da Brat such a big deal on Instagram last month? Her fabulous wedding that went viral.

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The other new additions to The Talent Report’s February 2022 ranking of Syndicated Radio personalities on Instagram are Bill O’Reilly, Buck Sexton and Big Boy. Bill O’Reilly made the biggest climb by moving from #108 to #7, Buck Sexton shifted from #36 to #8 while drawing the second highest Interactions average, and Big Boy ascended from #66 to #9.

Clay Travis may not be at the top of the list, but his Instagram account generated eye-popping levels of engagement. He came out on top with Interactions and Growth, and his Interactions average of 15.35% was three times higher than his co-host Buck Sexton, who came in second place in that category.

Check out the full list below, and discover past lists right here.

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