Ben Shapiro, Steve Harvey, Buck Sexton and Dave Ramsey all retained positions in the Top 5 of the May 2022 edition of The Talent Report‘s list of Instagram Influencers from Syndicated Radio. But none of these personalities have the same ranking. Ben Shapiro and Steve Harvey switched positions, Buck Sexton went up one position, while Dave Ramsey dropped two. Lore’l from “The Morning Hustle” was another Talent who returned to the latest chart, and ascended from #10 to #8.

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The criteria utilized to determine which radio personalities are the most engaging on Instagram are Interactions (Likes and Comments), Followers and Growth. New additions on this latest tally are Granger Smith, Medha Gandhi, Big Boy, D.L. Hughley and Da Brat.

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1. Ben Shapiro
2. Steve Harvey
3. Buck Sexton
4. Granger Smith
5. Dave Ramsey
6. Medha Gandhi
7. Big Boy
8. Lore’l
9. D.L. Hughley
10. Da Brat

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