Half of the Talent on our Top 10 Syndicated Radio Instagram Influencers list for October are prominent Conservative Talk hosts of Syndicated Radio Shows. They were almost matched by Top 40 Talent, but a big name in the world of sports came out on top.

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The legendary Rick Dees made his debut on The Talent Report’s list of the Top 10 Syndicated Radio Instagram Influencers for October. With 40,557 followers on Instagram, he doesn’t have a huge footprint there. However, his increase of 1,963 followers made his growth rate 5.09% for the month.

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Interactions (Likes and Comments) is where Zach Sang was strongest on The Gram. He ranked #7 of the 138 Instagram accounts monitored for the month, and had a 7.27% Interactions rate.

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Dana Loesch didn’t make it in the top 10 in regards to the specific metrics (Interactions, Account Followers, Growth %) that were measured and averaged for this Top 10 Syndicated Radio Instagram Influencers tally. As usual, she did well across the board and didn’t show weakness in a particular category.

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“Elvis Duran And The Morning Show” co-hosts Danielle Monaro and Medha Gandhi made The Talent Report’s monthly Instagram Top 10 as a result of posts from Elvis Duran’s wedding day performing exceptionally well. Fortunately, they have both been able to keep engagement high on their respective platforms. Like Dana Loesch, Danielle and Gandhi performed well in multiple categories, even though they weren’t Top 10 Talent in terms of Interactions, Account Followers and Growth %.

Sean Hannity‘s Interactions on Instagram weren’t great in October, but his growth was impressive. He ranked #9 of all the Syndicated Talent monitored, and gained 43,231 followers (6.35% rate of growth) in just one month.

Interactions and Growth were two strong categories for Bill O’Reilly on IG in October. His Interactions Rate ranked 11th over other Talent with 5.78%. And he had the third highest Growth rate of 7.87% after gaining 8,248 Followers.

Ben Shapiro only posted twice last month, yet his Followers continue to be highly engaged. He ranked in the Top 10 among Talent monitored with Interactions (8.34%) and Followers (1,700,576).

Growth was the strongest category for Sebastian Gorka in October. He gained 7% more Followers (11,406).

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith added “SportsCenter” to his duties last month, and his increased visibility will only help him shine brighter on Social Media. He ranked #1 overall on our tally of Syndicated Talent on Insta, and has the sixth biggest footprint.

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