For the May 2021 edition of The Talent Report’s Top 10 Syndicated Radio Instagram Influencers list, four new names appear. Zach Sang, D.L. Hughley, Clay Travis and Sean Hannity are the personalities who stepped up their game on Instagram last month, as reflected in their strong balance of Interactions, Followers and Growth on the platform.

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Even though the news about Clay Travis and Buck Sexton joining forces to fill the shift previously held by the late Rush Limbaugh came at the end of May, the overwhelming comments on Instagram, which are used to calculate Interactions along with Likes, helped boost the “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” hosts into the Top 10. So if social media traction is a sign of how Travis and Sexton will be received when their new program debuts on June 21st, this is really good news.

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