Wendy Williams & Charlamagne Tha God

Shortly after announcing her split from her husband/manager Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams revealed earlier this year that she had spoken with her estranged former friend and radio co-host Charlamagne Tha God, and planned to meet.

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Several months have passed since Wendy spoke about her conversation with Charlamagne, and this week on “The Wendy Williams Show,” viewers learned the two had finally reconnected in person. The lines of communication opening was a big deal to those who listened to them on WBLS/New York in afternoons. But more importantly, it’s another step Wendy has made at repairing relationships that were severed during her tumultuous marriage.

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Go to the 12:21 mark to watch Wendy talk about her “nice afternoon” with her former co-host Charlamagne.

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