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The station isn’t provided in this job listing, but it is worth pursuing if you’re looking for a full-time on-air gig in Atlanta. Here are the responsibilities:

· Writes script, contests and interview questions.

· Memorizes script, reads, or ad-libs to identify station, introduce and close shows, and announce station breaks, commercials, or public service information.

· Prepares and creates a topical show by gathering information from wire copy, periodicals, computer and television.

· Reads news flash to keep audience informed of important events.

· Records interviews of guest, musical or other famous or public personalities, and edits interviews.

· Interviews guest, and moderates panel or discussion show to entertain audience.

· Answers phone lines and interviews members of listening audience who telephone musical requests. Airs contests according to the specifications of the program director.

· Plans and stages community events, including hosting and assisting at charity functions.

· Attends live, in-person appearances as scheduled by the station or requested by clients.

· Provides live reports from site of event.

· Maintains and builds a positive cooperative attitude within the station and a strong personal community involvement.

· Sets up equipment for broadcasts and promotions at station remotes.

· Ensures logged commercials, promotions, sweepers and any other programming element essential to the station’s operations are aired.

· Operates control console.

· Performs commercial production.

· Follows and enforces FCC regulations, station and company policies, including implementing station’s / state’s EAS procedures.

· Performs additional duties in small stations, such as production, assisting program director or music director, operating radio transmitter or writing advertising copy. Plays music as specified by music director and music log.


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