Religion and politics are subjects people tend not to broadcast because they can be so divisive. But KRNB (Smooth 105.7)/Dallas Morning Show Talent Claudia Jordan from “The Morning Rush” is very vocal about her political views on social media.

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You know you’re a threat when the devils come out and resort to these disgusting gutter tactics to try to “win” an election. The immaturity, the hypocrisy and the moronic behavior from some “Americans” is truly embarrassing. When it’s all said and done I HAVE to continue to believe that good will trump EVIL. That these bigots will start dying off when they lose the healthcare they voted against cause they feared it would help the “others” and we can rid our planet of these demons who carry so much hate in their heart! Can we PLEASE start being the nation we’ve been lying about being for hundreds of years? This mythical place where men (and women) are truly judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? Can we please START being the country where ALL men (and women) are treated equally and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Cause I smell a lie. One that’s been going On For way too long. This robocall against Florida’s governor candidate @andrewgillum is below low. It’s evil, gross and embarrassing that an America citizen would do this to another American public servant all in the name of supporting #RonDeSantis . Knock it off! Grow up, level up. Make YOUR candidate step HIS game up so y’all wouldn’t have to resort to such trash tactics. I wanna cry right now listening to this cause I was under the naive assumption that this kind of behavior was somehow better now than it was during slavery and shortly after- but apparently some “Americans” are feeling nostalgic and want a throwback. Well my GOOD Americans- let’s show them this crap ain’t gonna fly anymore in 2018 and beyond. Black, white, brown- rich and poor- basically all my people that are not huge jerks that think these tactics are what’s up- please make your voices heard against this and vote blue until the republicans party can reorganize and distance itself from this. I’m truly disgusted but even more so- I’m energized and motivated! #GetYoAssesToThePolls #earlyVoting

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Claudia Jordan achieved fame as a model and actress, so followers may expect to get an endless stream of beauty shots and selfies with other celebrities. She definitely shows those, yet Claudia also shares her very strong political views.

This fall Claudia relocated from Los Angeles to Dallas, but her views remain consistent even though she now lives in right-leaning Texas and is working to attract listeners there.

Claudia’s engagement and followers are very high on Instagram and Twitter, and it’s refreshing to see that maybe it is okay to talk openly about politics and share your point of view without negative repercussions from clients who hire her as an influencer, or by losing followers.

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