iHeartMedia/Minneapolis is seeking a dynamic On-Air Talent (Personality/Assistant Producer) to entertain the Twin Cities in the morning drive as a co-host on “The Dave Ryan Show.”

This personality should understand how to engage and entertain our target listener, be a master content creator on air and online, and have a keen understanding of activating our fans using Social Media (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X, Snapchat, etc.). Strong work ethic, creativity, imagination, and exercise of independent professional judgment is a must. We’re looking for a star that sparkles one-on-one with listeners and our partners.

What You’ll Do:
❏ Prepare for a multi-talent air shift with the use of creativity, imagination, and the exercise of independent professional judgment in writing, producing, interviewing, taping, or broadcasting of on-air material.
❏ Assistant-producing responsibilities including but not limited to production, answering phones, and social media ideation and posting.
❏ Follow the designated show format.
❏ Be upbeat, informative, and entertaining, and be able to relate to the station audience.
❏ Must be current with relevant daily material that is appropriate for the given station.
❏ Go on client calls as needed.
❏ Work an approved and previously agreed upon air shift.
❏ Maintain a website personality page with active participation related to the station on social media sites.
❏ Participate in regular listening/aircheck sessions for critique with the Program Director.
❏ Participate in required station Programming, Promotions, and Sales staff meetings and events.
❏ Make regular approved appearances at paid, and non-paid, station events.
❏ Execute only Program director-approved interviews and events on air during the regularly assigned shift.
❏ Air all songs, commercials, promos, and liners as scheduled.
❏ Assist with the voice-over and production of paid, and non-paid, spots required to run on the station.
❏ Be an ambassador for the radio station when out in public.
❏ Maintain a positive and approachable attitude when around listeners and clients.
❏ Interview guests, moderate debates, converse with callers, and host live events.
❏ Adhere to all guidelines, policies, and procedures of the station, iHeatMedia, the FCC, and all other federal, state, and local laws, including policies and procedures regarding indecency and obscenity.
❏ Execute only the interviews and events on air that are approved by the Program Director
❏ Research and gain knowledge of subject matter that facilitates speaking extemporaneously and providing immediate non-scripted analysis/commentary.
❏ Finalizes content using digital audio editing software.
❏ Prepare written content, visual images, audio material, and video footage for websites, blogs, or other social media platforms.
❏ Check studio equipment for proper functioning and notify Engineering of technical malfunctions affecting the quality of the broadcast.
❏ Handle emergency inserts (e.g. news updates and breaking stories, emergencies, alert system tests, etc.); is on call for possible disasters, breaking news, or acts of nature.

What You’ll Need:
❏ Knowledge of all FCC rules and regulations.
❏ Knowledge of NexGen Digital studio or Sound+ is a plus
❏ Valid driver’s license.
❏ Drive to events/remotes and other special occasions as needed.
❏ Ability to be flexible and work under short deadlines.
❏ Ability to perform as an On-Air Announcer.
❏ 2+ years of on-air radio experience required

Audio demo of on-air interviews, commentary, announcements, etc. (Submitted as MP3 w/ Resume)


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