Skywalker spends his weekdays as the Afternoon Talent/Assistant Program Director of WSPK (K104)/Hudson Valley, NY. And on weekends, he can be heard in New York City on WBMP (92.3 AMP Radio).

What’s cool about Skywalker is his voice and delivery. You can’t tell where he’s from, but Skywalker’s voice has presence and it’s not pukey at all.

He does a great job getting in and out of breaks effortlessly and manages to inject something interesting when he cracks the mic.

In addition to working really hard on the air and in the programming department, Skywalker teaches radio at Orange County Community College and Connecticut School of Broadcasting, and really believes in mentoring and coaching talent.

Skywalker is a great talent with what it takes to win in a PPM world, and we can’t wait to hear him on-air in a top 10 market holding down a full-time shift.

Find out more about Skywalker right here.

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