Because of the importance and impact of social media today, we pay very close attention to the digital platforms of talent. So much of one’s effectiveness on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is subjective, but we were curious to know who is making the biggest impact on social media on a monthly basis. That curiosity led to the creation of a new and exclusive feature that can be found here: The Talent Report’s Top Syndicated Radio Social Media Influencers.

Data that is publicly available from each social media platform is used to compare engagement, growth and footprint, which are weighted equally. Then rankings are assigned to all of the talent. Only those who rank in the top 25 of the Interaction Rate, Followers or Growth categories are eligible for the top 10. Each talent ranking in the top 25 of the previously mentioned categories is given a rank number compared to the other personalities, and those three numbers are divided to find the average. The lower the ranking, the higher the placement on the chart.

Private accounts are not included, and if there was a lack of certainty about the authenticity of an account, they were omitted.  Over 100 accounts of talent syndicated from various companies and formats  were included.

The rankings are only reflective of each talent’s following, engagement and growth. This system cannot recognize bots or paid followers, but those who do not obtain organic followers tend to have poor engagement.

If you have questions or comments about The Talent Report’s Top Syndicated Radio Social Media Influencers, send them here.

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