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“The sauce is in a supportive staff …" – Wendy Williams talks daytime TV success, her new app, & elevator etiquette. Check out the highlights on

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Howard Stern and Wendy Williams usually get along with they speak, but the vibe was pretty uncomfortable during this “Howard Stern Showinterview. Instead of the terrestrial-turned satellite radio star, and the gossipy radio personality-turned daytime TV talk show host engaging in funny banter, their conversation felt tight and at times contentious.

The Sirius-XM interview became somewhat confrontational when Wendy called Howard a “star f***er” for becoming friendly with celebrities. And Howard was not here for that at all. Instead of just ignoring the insult, Howard Stern defended himself against what felt like an attack from Wendy Williams, and it went south from there.

Ultimately, the conversation got back on track (kind of), and Howard helped Wendy promote her new app. And despite the at times contentious interview, Howard and Wendy posed for a picture together after their conversation.

Take a listen to the highlights of the interview by clicking on the player at the top of the post, or experience all of it by listening on-demand to the Sirius-XM app.

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