Rikki Martinez spent a few years co-hosting “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on KPWR (Power 106)/Los Angeles. After leaving the popular show in 2014, some may wonder what ever happened to her, but she’s been back on the air in the market for several months.


“Rikki” is resting in peace, and “Letty is thriving on KRRL (Real 92.3) hosting nights with DJ Damage. After being introduced on a platform as massive and respected as “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” changing her on-air identity may have seemed like a questionable move. But her name change came about for many reasons that make a lot of sense.

Watch the video above to see Letty Martinez share all of the reasons that led to her dropping her stage name to reclaim the name on her birth certificate. Hopefully her words will encourage those who picked up monikers they didn’t really want, to do the same.

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