Rickey Smiley, D.L. Hughley

In addition to hosting nationally syndicated radio shows, both D.L. Hughley and Rickey Smiley maintain careers as stand up comics. “The Hollywood Reporter” releases a weekly list Social Climbers Charts which features Comedians, Actors, Top TV Personalities and TV Shows, and here’s how D.L. and Rickey stacked up against their colleagues in comedy.

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Top Comedians (June 5th)

1. Kevin Hart (=)

2. Ricky Gervais (+3)

3. Desi Banks (+1)

4. D.L. Hughley (-1)

5. Tommy Chong (+1)

6. Michael Blackson (-4)

7. Rickey Smiley (re-entry)

8. Kountry Wayne (+1)

9. Joe Rogan (+1)

10. Russell Brand (re-entry)

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