DJ Chonz Straight Outta Denver 2015

Facebook has become an afterthought for many radio personalities, as they spend their energy on Instagram and Twitter. DJ Chonz is active on all of these social networks, and he excels on Facebook with over 40k fans.

Even though Facebook has over a BILLION more users than its closest competitor Instagram, it is perceived to be on the way to MySpace’s level of irrelevance. Instead of expecting Facebook to disappear, be like Chonz and engage with listeners, because even if you’re not into this social network, over a billion people and several potential listeners are there.

Chonz consistently posts content on his Facebook page by taking advantage of the the exclusive Mentions App, which makes posting easier and efficient.

What makes Chonz so engaging on social media and specifically Facebook, is his ability to balance personal and promotional content, while being topical and conversational. Kudos to Chonz for showing how personalities can excel on social networks. Check out Chonz’s accounts…




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