Jubal Fresh has spent over 15 years in radio, and he’s built a loyal fanbase in Seattle. He was last heard in the market on “Brooke & Jubal In The Morning.” The successful nationally syndicated show was based at KQMV (MOViN 92.5), and early this year, Jubal officially moved on.

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Fans continued to connect with him via social media during his months away from radio, and Jubal created an abundance of digital content via podcasts, YouTube shows, and videos for various social networks. But today (August 20th) is the day Jubal Fresh made his triumphant to the station where his career started: KBKS. The station previously known at 106.1 KISS FM is now HITS 106.1.

Even though Jubal is Talented enough to carry a show on his own, he has a team. And the first addition to “The Jubal Show” was his wife, Alex Fresh. For people who follow Jubal on social media or listen to his podcasts, this is not a new name. But for those who just connect with Jubal by listening to the radio, or just know about his career, she may be new.

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It’s easy to assume that Alex Fresh is on her husband’s show just because they’re married. But if you listen to their podcasts, you’ll hear how well she compliments him. Moreover, Alex has an engaging presence without trying to outshine Jubal.

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Despite being a self-described introvert, and having zero experience working on air, Alex Fresh has Talent. We reached out to Alex to hear her story, and her self-awareness, gratitude for this huge opportunity, and humility made her even more likable than she comes across on podcasts.

Take a listen to our April 17th conversation in the player above to hear Alex Fresh explain herself.


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