After venting about not being able to speak freely about Demi Lovato‘s recently revealed non-binary status this week, Matt Siegel aka Matty In The Morning went off. He openly expressed his frustration about being verbally handcuffed by management, and ended the break in a way that left his audience believing his 40-year run on WXKS (Kiss 108)/Boston was over.

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The good news is, Matty is back on the air. But it’s not known if the popular morning show host’s exit was a stunt to get people talking. No matter if the move was orchestrated or not, headlines were generated both locally and nationally. Take a look at some of the things people had to say about Matty In The Morning this week.

Matty Talking About Not Being Able To Address Demi Lovato News

Reaction Videos To Matty’s Departure

Matty In The Morning Departure In The News

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