Wendy Williams

Did you know that Wendy Williams interviewed O.J. Simpson? If you didn’t hear it when it aired on WBLS, or read about it in her 2005 book “The Wendy Williams Experience,” you can see it in part 5 of ESPN‘s critically acclaimed 30 For 30 documentary “O.J.: Made in America.”


Several minutes of the interview are included in the documentary, and Wendy begins the conversation by noting that some listeners were offended by her interviewing him. She described having him in studio as “interesting,” and boldly brought up the murders of O.J’s estranged wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman despite being told not to before the interview.

In typical Wendy fashion, she was transparent about reluctantly liking O.J. But admitted at the end of her conversation with one of the most controversial men in America, that she was charmed by him.

The clips of Wendy Williams interviewing O.J. Simpson are simply fascinating to watch. See part 5 of ESPN’s “O.J.: Made In America” with Wendy talking to the notorious O.J. Simpson right here.

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