There aren’t a lot of consumer publications that acknowledge the power of radio talent, so when “The Source” releases its annual list, it’s one that gets a lot of attention from those who work on-air. Shortly after the release of the 2015 list, “The Source” Owner/Publisher Londell McMillan brought along Maino talk about an event, but the conversation eventually drifted to the list.

Ebro In The Morning” Co-Host Peter Rosenberg was not happy about his ranking on the list and voiced his objections about talent in smaller markets getting higher placement. Then Ebro took exception to a comment McMillan made about competitor “The Breakfast Club.” Watch the uncomfortable but compelling conversation in the player above, and see The Source Power 30 Radio DJs list for 2015:

1. The Breakfast Club
2. Sway In The Morning
3. Ebro
4. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show
5. Funkmaster Flex
6. Greg Street
7. Big Boy
8. Angie Martinez
9. DJ Felli Fel
10. The Baka Boyz
11. Nessa
12. Bay Bay
13. Terry Monday
14. DJ Prostyle
15. Ryan Camerom
16. Big Tigger
17. T-Roy
18. Durtty Boyz
19. Quicksilva
20. Devi Dev
21. Devin Steel
22. Angie Ang
23. Big Von
24. Peter Rosenberg
25. Philly Morning Show
26. Mad Hatta
27. Konan
28. DJ Pharris
29. The Bishman
30. Felisha Monet

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