Three new names made the June edition of The Talent Report‘s Top 10 list of Instagram Influencers from Syndicated Radio, but they were all in the Top 20 in May. The average number of Interactions, the total number of Followers, and percentage of Growth were compiled for personalities heard on nationally syndicated shows. Those with the best average scores from all three measurements are reflected in the tally below.

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Ben Shapiro‘s less is more approach really seems to work for him, because he’s #1 with only two posts for the month of June. Despite his infrequent sharing of content on Instagram, he ranked in the Top 10 with Interactions, Followers and Growth. D.L. Hughley on the other hand, seems to believe that more is more, and placed 345 pieces of content on his IG account last month alone. In addition to promoting his new book, “Surrender, White People!,” D.L. went viral on Social Media after collapsing on stage and then sharing the news that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Ben Shapiro and D.L. Hughley have the second and third largest numbers of Instagram followers, respectively, on The Talent Report’s June list. Nevertheless, it’s compelling to see that these two diametrically opposed strategies are both effective.


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