Da Brat, Dave Ramsey, Ben Shapiro and Jimmy Failla made the cut on consecutive charts spotlighting the Top 10 Influencers on Instagram from Syndicated Radio. Even though each personality has their own style on the platform, they all are able to effectively engage their respective communities.

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There are three metrics used to calculate the list that reflects the most potent Talent on Instagram: Interactions, Followers and Growth. Those with syndicated weekday and weekend shows are included, as are hosts and co-hosts. Tye Tribbett, Glenn Beck, Sebastian Gorka, Quicksilva, Mario Lopez and Danielle Monaro are the remaining names that reached The Talent Report‘s tally highlighting the most effective national personalities on Instagram.

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A new chart is released on the first Monday of every month, and you can catch up on previous Top 10s of Social Media Influencers from Syndicated Radio here.

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