The Los Angeles Times” published an insightful column about the highly visible Nick Cannon earlier this month. Since this multimedia personality is such an open book about so many elements of his personal life, it was really impressive to see how much additional information writer Amy Kaufman was able to extract for “Yes, Nick Cannon has 11 kids with six women. He also makes $100 million a year.”

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We’ve compiled a list of 10 noteworthy nuggets from this Nick Cannon column, but the entire piece has much more, and is definitely worth reading in its entirety.

❏ Nick Cannon really makes $100 million per year.
❏ Even though he graduated from Howard University in 2020, Nick Cannon is working on his Master’s Degree in Child Psychology, and a PhD in Divinity.
❏ A book Nick Cannon describes as “urban ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey‘” is in the works.
❏ Nick Cannon can play seven instruments.
❏ Sometimes Nick Cannon brings his kids to pitch meetings in order to spend more time with them.
❏ Nick Cannon’s father James Cannon was a member of the Bloods gang, who turned his life around and became a Minister.
❏ Kenyan Thompson helped Nick Cannon get his first job at Nickelodeon.
❏ He’s purchased homes for his mother, father and grandmother
❏ Nick Cannon does not drink alcohol.
❏ Even though Nick Cannon has hosted numerous shows, he doesn’t define himself as a host.

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