KDWB/Minnesota has a really interesting guy with a very cool name doing nights. His name is Colt, and what makes him a notable Talent is his ability to simply be real and candid with his audience.


Take a look at the video above as Colt reflects after the death of Mac Miller. He could have simply expressed his condolences, but instead, Colt explained why Mac Miller meant so much to him personally.

When you listen to Colt speak, it feels like you’re just listening to a friend on the phone. He’s not too hype, and not too chill–but when hear him on talk on the air, podcasts or social media, you feel connected to his personality and it all feels effortless and organic. In addition, another respected Talent lauds his interaction with listeners.

Lastly, Colt is young and married, and regularly posts pictures with his wife Jenn on social media. Since Top 40 stations attract so many female listeners, it’s very refreshing that Colt doesn’t subscribe to the notion that men in the spotlight have to hide their relationships to be more appealing.


Colt’s last stop was in Jacksonville, and we can’t wait to see him progress even further in his career. Here’s Colt getting the official welcome to KDWB from “The Dave Ryan Show.”

Meet our new night guy, Colt!! Watch us grill him with question.

Posted by The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show on Monday, April 16, 2018

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