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On The Talent Report‘s September list of Syndicated Radio Instagram Influencers, 3 of the personalities from “Elvis Duran And The Morning Show” made the Top 10. But in our Facebook tally, 4 from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” made the cut, even though the show’s namesake is absent.

John Tesh literally gets a lot of love on Facebook. Content posted on his page last month received 987,327 reactions (Likes, Loves, Wows, Hahas, Sads and Angrys), and 211,030 of those reactions were Loves. His average posting rate is 10 times per day.

In September, Da Brat from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” had a high volume of video content. In just one month, she generated 2,394,216 video views.

Jubal Fresh’s Facebook page experienced a nice growth spurt last month. He gained 3,529 Page Likes–a 7.56% growth rate. The average rate of growth for September for all 129 of the Facebook pages monitored for this report is 0.91%. Jubal’s page had the third highest growth rate for the month.

There were 42 pieces of content added to Stephen A. Smith’s account in September, and 26 of them were videos. Being video-centric is a smart move for Stephen A. since he creates so much on a daily basis. But it’s also very effective because his followers engage and share it aggressively. Last month Stephen had 4,156,095 Facebook video views, with 2,953,737 on his page and 1,202,358 coming from shares.

Even though Conservative Talk show hosts aren’t typically perceived as funny, much of Dana Loesch’s content on Facebook is making her fans laugh–or at the very least, react with Hahas. This was the strongest way her audience reacted to her posts aside from Likes.

Dennis Prager was #13 with Growth, but was #1 with Facebook video time (2,660 minutes).

Eva Marcille spent most of September on maternity leave from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” and remained connected to her fans during her time off the air. Babies can provide a great boost for social media engagement, and her baby shower with her cast mates from “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” receive a lot of positive attention. Eva ranked #1 with Interactions (6.24%), and #3 with Growth Rate (41.26%).

Growth was the strongest category for Rock-T. He came in at #7 among all Talent by gaining 3.2% more Page Likes.

For Juicy, growth was also her strongest metric. She ranked #4 with 4,183 more Page Likes, which is a 4.36% Growth Rate.

Ben Shapiro has the second largest Facebook account, and he continues to be extremely active on the platform. In September, he had 9,011,084 Interactions, 2,531 posts (average 87.28 posts per day)–giving him the more Interactions and posts than any other Talent monitored.

Take a look at The Talent Report’s Top 10 Syndicated Radio Facebook Influencers for September below.


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