Talent from the world of Conservative Talk Radio were highly effective on Instagram in August. And as a result, these personalities represent 80% of the latest edition of The Talent Report‘s Top 10 tally of Instagram Influencers from Syndicated Radio. Zach Sang and D.L. Hughley are the lone non-Conservative Talkers on the list.

The metrics that were used to calculate this Top 10 of Talent on Instagram: Average Interactions, Followers and Growth Percentage.

Check out more lists of Social Media Influencers on, and see our latest Top 10 below!

1. Larry Elder
2. Ben Shapiro
3. Glenn Beck
4. Sebastian Gorka
5. Buck Sexton
6. Bill O’Reilly
7. Zach Sang
8. Clay Travis
9. Sean Hannity
10. D.L. Hughley

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