Early this year, “The Wendy Williams Show” solicited viewers who wanted to date the newly single host to participate in a contest. Videos of multiple men shooting their shot at Wendy became an ongoing segment, and Mike Esterman was ultimately selected as the winner.

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Things didn’t work out between the New York City-based daytime talk show host and the Maryland businessman, who was also recommended for Wendy by their mutual friend Mario Lopez. Nevertheless, the set back with Mike Esterman hasn’t stopped Wendy Williams from pursuing men on her show, even though there’s no longer a contest to brazenly promote her intentions.

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Since sharing the news that she and Esterman were no longer dating, Williams has become increasingly aggressive about coming on to male guests. Her advances reached an apex last week while interviewing Gary Owen. Much of their conversation was about his ongoing divorce from his wife of almost 20 years, Kenya Duke. Even though Owen made it clear he was not yet divorced, and looked uncomfortable when she flirted, Williams was relentless.

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Is Wendy Williams’ blatantly flirty behavior with guests being tolerated because she’s a woman? Probably not. In the post-Me Too era, it may seem as though she’s getting a pass because of her gender. But it may be simply because people who would typically call out this behavior in males, feel compassion for what Wendy has gone through in the last two years.

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Wendy Williams filed for divorce from her husband/manager Kevin Hunter in 2019 after years of humiliating infidelity and 22 years of marriage. Hunter’s then-mistress and current partner Sharina Hudson became pregnant with his child, and that was what triggered Williams to end the marriage. And in 2020, Wendy’s beloved mother Shirley Williams passed away.

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Today on “The Wendy Williams Show,” the host boldly told guest Sean Paul: “You’re sexy. Are you involved? Are you married?” In  2021, instant criticism would likely be directed at any male host for making the same comments to a female. But until Wendy Williams finds happiness in her personal life, it seems as though this behavior will persist and remain unchecked.

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